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Converting Pitch to Hz

A reader asks:

I was wondering if you knew of a way within Reaktor to display pitch, and other frequencies, in Hz instead of the arbitrary units that most macros use. I can’t for the life of me figure out why Native Instruments didn’t include the option to view these parameters in Hz.

Good question! Actually, they did, but it’s not an option in a checkbox somewhere – you use a P to F math module. Here’s how you’d use it:

The Numeric display module shows the frequency in Hz.

There’s a complementary module that does the opposite conversion, from Hz to the (generally speaking) 0 to 127 pitch range used by Reaktor’s primary level oscillators.

LFO Gator

This is a tutorial on using a few simple LFOs and a clock oscillator to gate an audio stream, creating semi-random and interesting percussive effects. Have fun with it – it won’t compose classical music for you but I hope it will liven up your music and teach you a few things about Reaktor. Remember, you have to noodle before you can fugue. Download Here.