Yearly Archives: 2007

LFO Gator

This is a tutorial on using a few simple LFOs and a clock oscillator to gate an audio stream, creating semi-random and interesting percussive effects. Have fun with it – it won’t compose classical music for you but I hope it will liven up your music and teach you a few things about Reaktor. Remember, you have to noodle before you can fugue. Download Here.

The Freshmaker!

Here’s a fun new toy in the Reaktor library for you. It’s two recordable XY faders with IC send modules so you can send the controller info to another instrument in the ensemble. I’ve found it’s a great way to perk up a boring instrument without much effort and re-engineering. To demonstrate that, it’s wired up to control some of the knobs on an old FM synth from an earlier version of Reaktor. But of course, the whole point is to experiment and wire it up to whatever you please – maybe even something you’ve built yourself.

alternate download link

For my next tutorial, would you folks be interested in having this dissected and explained? There’s a lot going on under the hood in this one.