Pro tip: sample maps

Often, I want to have a whole bunch of samples with the same root key but on different notes in the map; for example, in a drum machine, where you have separate sample select and pitch controls. I like to have my root key at zero so I can add or subtract semitones with a knob to pitch things up or down.

One way to prepare a map for this is to laboriously add one sample at a time and set the root key manually. Blech! That’s no fun.

A better way is to use Reaktor’s internal browser to navigate to your sample directory and select a bunch of samples, like so:

Then – and this is the important part – drag them onto your target root key so they all stack up together like so:

Then from the functions menu choose “remap to single keys”:

…after which you will have all your ducks in a row.

Go to the sample list view to verify that they all have the same root note.

Now, wasn’t that easy? Of course you can also drag them onto key C3 to have them pitched at middle C. It all depends how your sampler instrument likes to be fed and watered.