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Modifying Spiral’s Scales

I was talking to someone on the NI Reaktor forums about this and decided to post it here for everyone’s benefit.

The Spiral instrument, which sends algorithmically generated MIDI to other instruments or synths, has a limited number of scales and you might want to customize it to add your own scales. Here’s how to do it.

You have to dig down through the macros into trig note -> pitch correction -> scales and make the “scales” table visible.

Then you can choose the notes you want to be included and excluded from a given scale.

Of course, then the scales won’t match the labels… I’d advise modifying the chromatic scale as your custom one because it’s the easiest to return to its default value (all notes included, none excluded).

It’s interesting programming in Spiral, the way they did this – looks like the instrument retains the previous pitch if the current pitch is not in the scale.

Reaktor drum machine with parameter locks

Another peek at what’s cooking at ReaktorTips Sound Laboratories.

This is a granular drum sampler I’m working on in Reaktor that has Elektron MachineDrum style parameter locks. I think it sounds pretty good so far. Note the ridiculously low CPU usage – 2% to 2.1%

Reaktor drum machine with parameter locks from Peter Dines on Vimeo.

At the moment, the knobs are used to write looping parameter automation per step, and this works great with Kore 2 hardware controllers, but entering percussion sequences must be done with the mouse. I’ve tried using a keyboard to enter data but it’s hard and fiddly to get the exact velocity you want on a given step, and a pain to remove steps.

I’m going to wait till my Maschine arrives and use its drum pads to trigger sequence entry. The sequencer doesn’t send MIDI yet, but the controller does and from everything I’ve heard it’s a joy to use.

Sorry to keep teasing you guys with this stuff but no downloads – I’m trying to think of a way to monetize this, either with a small payment for the ensemble plus documentation, or maybe something sponsored. And yet at the same time, I want to share. Ah, conflict.

Granular Sampler Download – Very Simple Grainer 02

Didn’t I say I’d have the next installment in this series ready “next week” a year ago? Dang.

Very Simple Grainer 02 from Peter Dines on Vimeo.

Here’s a new and improved version of the Very Simple Grainer, with some new features, fixes and a couple of new samples. I’ve moved controls around, added the very nice sounding Core saturator that comes with Reaktor 5, added LFOs to the grain size and speed parameters, and fine tuned a couple of other things. If you’ve been following the material I’ve posted here and at Noisepages, you should be able to puzzle it out. If you have questions or feature requests, post a comment.

Download Here

The first iteration, with instructional PDF, is here.

Update: you’ll want to add your own samples as I’ve only included two. Use this technique and set them all to a root key of zero.