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ParamDrum initial release

Here’s the initial public release of the ParamDrum, the Reaktor drum machine with Machine Drum style parameter locks.

Reaktor drum machine with parameter locks from Peter Dines on Vimeo.


The most important features:

  • Note velocity represents probability a step will trigger
  • Enter and delete notes with a MIDI keyboard
  • Record per-step automation with MIDI CCs
  • Independent sequence length for each of the three sequencers
  • Extremely low CPU usage – 1 to 3 percent CPU on my four year old laptop
  • fun beat sequences practically fall out of it

This is a drum sequencer for people who want a fast, easy way to create unique sounding electronic beat sequences. It doesn’t have a compressor or reverb – surely you already have these things yourself, right? – what it has is a fun and fast workflow, and the ability to produce sequences that will surprise you as you create them. It’s not a one-button “tada, here’s your beat” randomizer, nor is it a traditional sequencer that expects you to painstakingly determine every detail. It’s a nice balance between the two. I put a lot of effort into the usability and workflow and I hope you’ll find it as much fun as I do to work with.

The file, which can be downloaded here, is a password protected RAR. Want the password? It’s $15.00 USD. What you get for that is the ParamDrum, an instructional PDF, access to updates (remember to enter your email when you purchase!), and occasional bonus downloads like custom sample maps.

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ParamDrum Add to Cart

I’m going to be using the ParamDrum in a project involving Maschine, the new NI hardware / software package, and a modified version may eventually see a sponsored release at If that happens, anyone who purchases the current version of ParamDrum will receive another package of equal or greater value from my private reserve.