Modding Spacedrone for keyboard control

Any sound generator in Reaktor can be modified to give MIDI note control over the output level. Here’s how to do it in Spacedrone:

Easy peasy. An ADSR envelope multiplies the signal going to the output. You can also use a selective note gate module instead of a vanilla gate module so only one specific note will trigger output. Adjust the attack, decay, sustain and release to taste.

Download the modded ensemble here. (oops, link was broken, should work now)

If you’re looking for an interesting way to manipulate recorded samples of Spacedrone or other audio material, try my sampler pack.

UPDATE: added pitch control too. It doesn’t work the way a normal synth would because the pitches of individual voices have a random factor but you can control the range.

  • Danny F

    Sorry if this is ancient history, as an educational exercise I tried recreating this in reaktor but if I press 2 notes sequentially it goes WAY loud into clipping. I swear I’ve replicated all of your settings on the midi and multiplier nodes…so not sure what’s going on? Thanks for any help.

    • Sounds to me like maybe you left the envelope and multipliers polyphonic – did you have to add voice combiners after that? How does it behave if you download the version I modded?

      • Danny F

        Thanks for replying.
        It’s totally great in your version, works as described/intended. For me even after setting the ADSR, Gate and multipliers to mono it results in a cacaphony. I even mirrored the ensemble settings to make sure…very odd.