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General MIDI layout for TouchOSC

I was experimenting with TouchOSC‘s new MIDI capabilities and created this layout:

 There are four octaves of keys – it was a bit of a pain to go to one after another and enter the pitches so I figured I’d share the fruits of my labor. The other controls are just X, Y and XY slider controls that send MIDI CC messages. They’re arranged in a “well, let’s use up this space and see what happens” pattern. I figure I’ll fine tune it after playing it for a while.

Download it here.

UPDATE: I lowered the range by an octave so C3 is on the upper row left, which I think is more sensible.  Get it here.

Setting up iPad OSC touch apps with Reaktor

Because someone asked on a forum, I decided to write a quick note on how to set up the ports and addresses for Reaktor, Konkreet Performer and TouchOSC.

First, get Reaktor set up. This is straightforward:

This is generally as simple as activating Reaktor to receive OSC. Don’t worry about the outgoing OSC setup for now – the goal is to get Reaktor listening. Take note of the IP address and “local port”.

Now, in Konkreet Performer’s setup screen:

The outgoing address and port in Performer match the local IP address and local port in Reaktor’s OSC settings.

Similarly, in TouchOSC:

Now touch some controls in Konkreet Performer or TouchOSC and you should see messages in the OSC monitor in Reaktor’s OSC settings dialog. If not, then you may have firewall or routing problems.

I’m assuming here that you’re connecting both your computer and iDevice through a standard type of router and the IP addresses you see in these dialogs reflects that. You could also create an ad hoc network in Windows or OS X which often provides lower latency than using a router.

After you have established a connection and are seeing incoming data in Reaktor, it’s time to map some controls. Go into the properties for a knob (for example) and choose an OSC parameter from the OSC Source dropdown menu on the connection tab:

More help is available here:

Konkreet Performer


Introducing Loupe 1.5 Beta

I’ve added some enhancements and fixed some bugs.

  • Most notably, there is now a key/slice copy and paste function. If you want to start with a key/slice, copy it to a new key and modify it, here’s what you do: press the key (middle C for example) that contains the settings you want to copy, click the copy button, then press the destination key (C sharp for example) and click the paste button. Then you can make the new copy as subtly or vastly different as you please. 
  • I’ve nailed down a crash problem that some of you may have been encountering when playing different slices very quickly from a MIDI keyboard (or the computer keyboard for that matter).
  • All the parameter IDs have been sorted and compressed to aid VST automation in a host.

The 1.5 beta can be downloaded here. The archive password you received previously will work with this new version. 1.5 should work perfectly but I’m calling it a beta until more people than me have tested it!

For more information and to purchase, click here.

Arcturan UltraTheremin for Reaktor and Konkreet Performer


The Arcturan UltraTheremin, perfect for a little serenading on Squornshellous Zeta after a few too many pan galactic gargle blasters. Designed for Konkreet Performer and iPad control via OSC.

It’s a three voice instrument played with three nodes on a Konkreet Performer touchscreen. The angle represents pitch, proximity to the central node adds vibrato.

Will upload the file if there’s interest… how many people are using KP with Reaktor?


And you probably thought the polyphonic theremin was a joke!