Monthly Archives: October 2012

OSC support in Reaktor plugin mode, at last!

 Reaktor update news! In the upcoming 5.8, which is now in beta, we will finally have OSC in plugin mode. That means connecting an iPad to our favorite ensembles directly with no MIDI translation layer. Fire up Konkreet Performer and map OSC parameters directly with Reaktor running in Logic, Reaper, Cubase, Ableton Live, whatever. 

I’m excited. Are you excited? If not I’ll be excited for you.

New and improved features:

  • Updated OSC Settings window
  • Improved handling of OSC and MIDI, enables fast and easy mapping of MIDI & OSC controllers to Reaktor ensembles in Play Mode
  • New OSC Array modules, for sending and receiving OSC messages in array format
  • OSC in plug-in mode
  • OSC learn feature now also implemented in Play mode
  • OSC activity indicator
  • Limits on the total number of OSC connections have been removed
  • Maximum numbers of ports for the OSC Send and Receive modules has been increased to 40
  • Improved sample management, including the ability to manage samples when in Play Mode
  • Various workflow improvements in the sample map editor
  • Selection of sampler module per drop down menu
  • Show sampler module in structure functionality
  • Mouse control fine tuning
  • Bookmark behavior for Screensets
  • Fixed sample rate per Ensemble
  • Various other fixes and improvements