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Building a Simple Sampler in Reaktor

Building a Simple Sampler in Reaktor from Peter Dines on Vimeo.

In this video I walk you through creating a simple multipurpose sampler in Reaktor. I introduce you to basic Reaktor concepts like control and audio signal flow, polyphony, sample import and mapping, signal modulation with an envelope and adding factory effects. This is an introductory level video but it covers a lot of important territory you need to know to build more advanced structures.

Look forward to more videos from me – the next one will be on creating a sequenced beat production center from scratch.

Source of Uncertainty

It’s funny how ideas travel and transform. David Lilja shared a Nord Modular G2 patch here which was based on a Buchla module, then asked me what it’d look like in Reaktor. Having no real experience with either the Buchla or the Nord – ok, I did fiddle with the software Nord demo at one point – I looked at his screen capture and translated it into Reaktor structure. It’s probably not a close emulation of either, but it’s useful and works, and I’ll take practical over authentic any day. šŸ˜‰

Here’s what the innards look like:

As you can see, it uses an audio rate slew limiter towards the end, so I’ve added an audio to event module to give it both event and audio outputs. It produces some interesting semi random events – neither completely random nor predictable, which I think is what we’re aiming for here. Could be fun to modulate the delay time of a tape delay emulation with it, or something as humble as filter frequency.

Here is a link to the download.

If you do something neat with it, let me know!