Get Metaphysical with REAKTOR

In this video, Brent Kallmer investigates a Reaktor factory library ensemble that is in my top 5 ensembles of all time – Metaphysical Function. This is an instrument that completely changed my approach to music by taking it off the grid – the timeline – and teaching me a more freeform approach. If you’ve never dug deep into Metaphysical Function, now’s the time.

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  • Rory McCormick

    What are the other 4 in your top 5 ensembles of all time?

    • Ha! Good question. Way to put me on the spot by turning my careless rhetorical flourish into a challenge. šŸ˜€ I’ll have to think about that one for a bit and put together a top 5 or top 10 list.

      • Rory McCormick

        Brilliant! Look forward to that post then!

  • Dylan Sky

    how do you import your own samples in to Reaktor?

    • Make sure Reaktor is in edit mode – hit F1 or use the button on the main toolbar. Then open the sample map editor – F9 or use the button on the toolbar. Then simply drag in samples to the sample map from a file manager window.

      The sample map editor has a dropdown to choose the particular sample map you want to edit, if the ensemble contains more than one. MF only has one, IIRC.