Monthly Archives: January 2015

Using Snap Isolate on Reaktor Panel Controls

Quick tip: you can use the snap isolate option in the properties of Reaktor panel controls to keep a parameter from changing when you change snapshots.


The above screenshot is from the “B” view of the Steam Pipe 2 front panel. I was getting sick of the godawful reverb slathered over every snapshot in the ensemble, so I turned off the reverb with its power control and set that control to snap isolate so it would stay off when I changed snapshots.

I’ll often do this when auditioning snaps in an ens, but not save a modified version of the ensemble… turns out that many of the snaps in Steam Pipe 2 are more sonically interesting when you hear them dry. 🙂

Microtuning in Reaktor – with Instrument Download


About a year ago I fell under the spell of Aleksi Perälä’s album MU3. I listened to it whenever I could, and heard it in my head when I couldn’t play it. It was subtly, maddeningly different, and stood out from the other new electronic music I was hearing around that time. It sounded pleasantly detuned, but not randomly so. What was he doing?

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