Vectorspace: Gestural Sequenced Sampler for Reaktor


Vectorspace is a CPU friendly sample based ensemble for Reaktor whose sound at any given time is a superposition of gestural sequencers and effects. It also includes a sequeggiator – a probabilistic sequenced arpeggiator – that plays staggered chords as polyphonic sequences, creating a constantly evolving blend of rhythm and harmony.


Vectorspace is ideal for transforming an acoustic instrument or synth sample plus a simple chord progression into the rhythmic and harmonic scaffolding of a track – just add some drums and bass.


It can also be played as a more traditional sampler, a soundscape creator or as a physically modelled synth using the sampled material as an exciter and the resonator effect as a body. The resonator is polyphonic and responsive to note and chord changes. Its partials can be tuned, damped and skewed to create bell, percussion and drum sounds, or abstract reverberations.


The sample position, sample length, grain spacing and envelope parameters can all be automated, as can the resonator, growl, filter and delay effects. Each XY fader can run in smooth or quantized mode, and quantized mode allows you to set individual clock speeds and sequence lengths for the X and Y axes of each automated fader. Quantized mode also gives you the opportunity to edit and fine tune the level of each step in a fader’s X and Y sequences. This makes it easy to create gated rhythmic filter effects or gradual changes. Sample position and automated fader controls can be controlled by MIDI (see mappings on panel B) or OSC.


It is impossible to predict precisely what sounds will be produced when you have various effects activated with different sequence lengths on different parameters. But at the same time, the gestures and sequence settings are under your control, so the end result will be a blend of your intent and the superposition of the cycling sequences. Think of it as an “inspire-o-graph” for sound, a machine collaborator to bounce back your ideas transformed. What it’s not good for: wobble basses, control freaks, type “A” personalities. Loosen up!


Vectorspace also features a compressor to even out the sound, and a microtuning macro that allows you to define any equal tempered tuning in either cents or Hz. Set a 5 or 7 tone scale for an easy exotic sound with no wrong notes or choose a 17 note octave division as the basis for an Eastern tuning.


Update: Vectorspace 1.0.1 is now on the server – download notifications to existing users will follow shortly. New features include an intensity control for the Growl macro, allowing you to set a more moderate upper limit to the sound mangling while still using the pad’s full range of travel:


1.01 also includes mappings for Antonio Blanca‘s Lemur template The Ring, which you can download at Twisted Tools, and a few new snapshots created by warping parameters with The Ring. Here’s how I’ve mapped the parameters:


…and one of Antonio’s other great templates, SQU4R-3


The Lemur templates are meant to control Vectorspace strictly in OSC mode. You may want to turn off MIDI output from Lemur to Reaktor, especially with The Ring which sends a note on touch.

Speaking of control surfaces, here’s how the Vectorspace parameters are mapped in Konkreet Performer, and some updated Performer templates. (these ones are prettier, like in the picture below)


Konkreet Performer is almost always the first control surface I map my ensembles to – it’s simple, elegant, quick to configure and yields awesome leverage over sound.

Please note: Vectorspace requires the full version of Reaktor 5 version 5.9.2 or better, not just Reaktor player. Full versions of Reaktor 5.9.2+ acquired with Komplete will also work, of course.

Vectorspace comes with a detailed 11 page manual you can download here: Vectorspace Manual 1.0

Buy Vectorspace here for $39.75 $26.50 USD by using the discount code VECTORSPECIAL:

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Please use a valid email address to receive Vectorspace and updates! Immediately upon completion of payment, you will receive a link to an archive containing Vectorspace, the manual, and control templates for Lemur, Konkreet Performer and QuNeo.

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  • aaron bergman

    Congrats, Peter. Worth the wait. Instant purchase.

    • Thanks Aaron! I’m very happy to finally be sending this out into the world…

  • David Graham

    This is great, Peter. I own all of your ensembles and in about 5 hours this one has managed to become my favorite. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

    • Thanks David! Really value the feedback. Planning to make “what’s next” happen sooner this time. 😉

      • dpg499

        I didn’t mean to rush you!

  • richarddevine

    Wow, Peter this looks and sounds amazing! Great work!!!

  • Ray Szwec

    Great! Nice to see this finally out in the wild.

  • Kevin McKeown

    Wow! I’ve been hovering over the buy button, watching the video and reading the manual – bought it last night and haven’t stopped playing with it! Great work, now I’m tempted to buy your other Ensembles damn it!

  • Greg Killmaster

    I am so glad I got this! I love it and its inspiring to use. Do you think there might ever be a tutuorial video? The manual and descriptions on your page are excellent but somehow I always learn better with a demo video… Either way, great work! I can’t quit playing with it.

    • Greg, glad you’re enjoying it – I have the stupidest reason ever for not doing an instructional video. The construction boys have been playing with their pile-driver nearby for the last few weeks so whenever I try to record voice-overs there’s a huge KLOOOOONG at 10 second intervals. That’s why I did a demo video with captions. I should be able to produce a video soon, explaining things from the bottom up and introducing a couple of new features.

      • Greg Killmaster

        haha! yeh, I understand. I’m looking forward to the videos when they come!

        • Greg Killmaster

          Hi Peter, I know this is a naive question but I’m wondering what is the best way to deal with latency with Reaktor ensembles? I just got a QuNeo to use with this ensemble and its fantastic except for the latency.

          • Are you using Reaktor standalone or in a host? What size are your buffers set to? Reaktor standalone and just about any host each have buffer settings. In Reaktor go into file -> audio and midi settings and make sure you’re using ASIO on Windows or CoreAudio on OS X. 256 samples should be OK.

            Are there latency issues if you load up other Reaktor ensembles, or play non-Reaktor plugins with the QuNeo?

            Also, if you have the arp turned on, the notes are quantized to multiples of clock ticks (16ths, 8ths, quarters, etc.) so conceivably you won’t get a note immediately depending on when you hit a key versus where the song position is in the transport. Similarly, if you’re running the faders in quantized mode, they only record the value when there’s a clock tick.

          • Greg Killmaster

            Thanks for the tips! Reaktor standalone was set to 512. Setting it to 128 or 256 helped a lot! thanks! The latency is fine now. Now working on mapping inside a DAW (in my case, Bitwig and Studio One 3)

  • Greg Killmaster

    I was wondering if anyone has tried using MIDI over USB with Konkreet Performer (like MusicIO or MIDImux) yet, or if OSC is still the way to go?

    • For Vectorspace purposes, the mappings are done with OSC rather than MIDI. Works best with an ad hoc connection for reduced latency. If only there were an OSC over USB protocol, but I don’t think that exists yet…?

      • Greg Killmaster

        I see. Thanks! Yeh, that would be ideal (OSC over USB)! I haven’t seen any mention of it anywhere.

        I’ve got it working with MIDI over USB using MidiLE. I’m trying to create a template for Konkreet. I have the sample XY working fine but I can’t figure out how to assign granular, resonator, growl and filter parameters correctly for x and y and z using MIDI in KP.

        OSC doesn’t work for me cause I’m hardwired to the internet on my computer cause wifi doesn’t reach the room I’m in… 🙁

        • If your computer has WiFi hardware (almost everything does now, right?) you should be able to create a peer to peer ad hoc connection between your computer and device in addition to your wired connection.

          To create a MIDI template in Konkreet, change the template from OSC mode to MIDI in the header, up near where the name of the template is visible after you switch templates. Then match the X, Y and Z of the parameters on Vectorspace’s B panel to node parameters in Konkreet.

          • Greg Killmaster

            thanks, I tried the ad hoc but could not sustain a connection. It worked for a couple seconds and I couldn’t get it to work again. I have to disconnect from my wired connection to create a wireless ad hoc connection because I have to switch to wifi, and there is not enough signal for me to do that. I believe the ad hoc connection uses the wifi to setup the new network.

            What parameter do I map “Z” to in Konkreet? It doesn’t have a “Z” label on any of the parameters. Just “X” and “Y”…

          • X, Y and Z parameters are set up on the B panel.


            Don’t do MIDI learn on these controls – they’re to be set to specific CC values manually. Best bet is to leave them as is and change Konkreet to match.

          • Greg Killmaster

            yes thanks. I do understand that. What I’m asking is what is the parameter in Konkreet that I map Vectorspace’s “Z” parameter to?

          • Touch. Change it from “Note” to CC then set the CC to the Z parameter you want to control. The touch / Z lets Vectorspace know when to start and stop recording.

          • Greg Killmaster

            thank you so much! I’m taking up entirely too much of your time. I want to thank you again for making such an incredible instrument! I’m so excited to imagine what you will come up with next…

          • Greg Killmaster

            Just to report back in case its helpful to anyone else. Midi LE (free from ) works really well for sending MIDI through USB.

  • Greg Killmaster

    I understand that you were working on an update a few months ago? I was very much looking forward to the changes you mentioned! 🙂

    • Heh, well, life threw some curve balls. Updates to Vectorspace are almost ready to roll out.

      • Greg Killmaster

        well, hope all is ok. Looking forward to the new updates!!

  • Greg Killmaster

    Anxious to hear news of any updates to Vectorspace. Its been awhile and I got curious…

    • Hi Greg, I’m sitting on an update and trying to find time to roll it out, which entails shitwork like getting the mailing list in order. Email me if you want immediate access to the update, which includes Frame++.

  • Greg Killmaster

    Are there any plans to update this? I heard (I thought I did anyways) that an update was imminent almost a year ago. Sure would like to see this continue in the direction its headed!

  • Greg Killmaster

    Hi, just curious to check in and see if anything has transpired here. Looks like not for quite awhile…