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Boscomac updates Wurlitsar, Claviness

Boscomac, if you don’t know him already, is the creator of a treasure trove of Reaktor ensembles, both effects and instruments, from the traditional to the extreme. The one thing they all have in common is beautiful sound and beautiful photorealistic interfaces.

Now there are new versions of Claviness and Wurlitsar, two of his keyboard oriented instruments. Go get ’em! And don’t forget to leave something in the tip jar!

Poly Theremin, Exclusively for Konkreet Performer

Hey gang, did you notice that the Konkreet Performer half price sale is still in effect? Go get it right now. Even if you don’t have an iPad – you can get that later, it’s a good reason to get one. (edit: sale is long gone but the Performer software is still there and it… is… fantastic!)

As a little bonus for Konkreet users, I’ve reskinned and refreshed my theremin ensemble, with some features from the Chroma sequencer.

Here’s what it sounds like:

And here’s what it looks like:

Download here

The onscreen display is just a display – to make some noise, set up Konkreet Performer with three nodes and a ribbon. The three nodes control its three voices, and the ribbon controls beat-repeat and voice panorama.

It’s a lot of fun to play and if you’re ambitious, the structure within is a good introduction to mapping Konkreet parameters to Reaktor voices: node angle from the central node controls pitch, distance from the central node controls vibrato intensity and resonance, and touching and releasing the nodes gates the voices.


Konkreet Performer OSC to MIDI translator

This is an expanded version of the specialized Konkreet Performer OSC to MIDI translator and visualizer I built for the latest version of the Mirage granular sampler. If you’re not familiar with Konkreet Performer and you have an iPad, you need to check it out because it is awesome.

One drawback of using KP with Reaktor is that KP only sends OSC, and Reaktor won’t receive OSC when running as a plugin. Hence, this ensemble, which can be run in Reaktor standalone and will re-route KP’s control signals as MIDI to Reaktor or other synths running in a host.

Instructions are included on a text widget in the readme instrument. This is a 1.0 release so please report any bugs in the comments!


Modulator FM synth courtesy of salamanderanagram

Here is a cool and unique sounding Reaktor synth from salamanderanagram. It began with inspiration from the Operator synth from Ableton Live then took a detour. Nice GUI, great sounds, fairly light on CPU. Thumbs up!

Modding Spacedrone for keyboard control

Any sound generator in Reaktor can be modified to give MIDI note control over the output level. Here’s how to do it in Spacedrone:

Easy peasy. An ADSR envelope multiplies the signal going to the output. You can also use a selective note gate module instead of a vanilla gate module so only one specific note will trigger output. Adjust the attack, decay, sustain and release to taste.

Download the modded ensemble here. (oops, link was broken, should work now)

If you’re looking for an interesting way to manipulate recorded samples of Spacedrone or other audio material, try my sampler pack.

UPDATE: added pitch control too. It doesn’t work the way a normal synth would because the pitches of individual voices have a random factor but you can control the range.