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Let There Be Loops

If it’s Thursday then there must be another excellent Reaktor video tutorial from Brent Kallmer at BluewaterVST. This time around, Brent looks at rendering loops from Reaktor grooveboxes, which sounds simple at first blush but Brent takes you deeper into some of the tools and options available to you when hosting Reaktor in Ableton Live.

Says Brent:

In this tutorial, let’s take a look at how to bounce individual parts of a groove from Aerobic and SineBeats—two stunning REAKTOR grooveboxes. Both are drum synths (they synthesize drum hits rather than playing samples) and their penetrating, glossy sounds are ideal for techno and glitch (or anything else that needs a synthetic touch).

Great stuff! I think the grooveboxes in Reaktor 5 are some of the most under-appreciated and under-used tools out there, mainly because people just don’t know what to do with them, and as Brent says, sometimes there are just too many options. Rendering loops this way is a great strategy to narrow things down and get something going.

NI REAKTOR’s Krypt – Do You Dare?

Brent Kallmer walks us through the scarily complex jungle of the Reaktor factory library ensemble Krypt in this video.

Also, check out this post where I demonstrate adding MIDI out to the Krypt sequencer

NI REAKTOR’s Fast FX Demystified

Here’s another great video from Brent Kallmer on Reaktor, this time around discussing the ins and outs of the factory library ensemble Fast FX.

Native Instruments REAKTOR’s Rhythmaker – Synthetic Beats Unbound

Another terrific Reaktor screencast from BluewaterVST‘s Brent Kallmer, this time exploring the use of Reaktor’s Rhythmaker ensemble, from the factory library, in Ableton Live.