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Practical Reaktor

I’ve started tidying and reorganizing the blog, and have added the tag Practical Reaktor to what I think are the most useful posts for builders and aspiring builders. What used to be the Tutorials link in the navbar up top is now labeled Practical Reaktor.

A new Practical Reaktor link for you – David Coffin’s FX tutorial. From the intro:

“This tutorial is for beginners to Reaktor 4 (R) and anyone else who wants to explore getting the most out of the vast number of existing R effects and routing components, without the need to build new effects processors. I’ll be treating R as big box of stomp-box or rack-mounted processors, modulators and routing tools and describing how to patch, configure and control them in ways inspired by the best hardware effects. As you’ll see, doing so in R is very often more flexible and more powerful than anything you could do with hardware. We’ll be using R in standalone mode, but of course, any R effects can also be opened in VST and other plug-in hosts.” 

It’s a Reaktor 4 era document but most if not all of the same techniques apply to version 5, with a few minor differences here and there. It’s a fantastic resource for beginners to get used to stringing things together and making good stuff happen. Check it out.

A Working Clock

Recently I’ve been working on some new sequenced ensembles and found to my horror that the clock macro I’d been relying on no longer worked properly. Bit rot? Slow change in behavior from version to version? I’m not sure. The problem was the old zero reset bug – old hands at Reaktor are nodding sagely right now – where the first beat or note would not fire off after resetting the song position to zero.

So I went through some frantic experiments and experienced a genuine Dark Night of the Soul until I put something together based on my old clock macros, hints from forums, and ideas from the Reaktor user library.

Unfortunately in the process I upgraded to the current version of Reaktor, 5.7.1, because there seemed to be some subtle differences in behavior between 5.6.2 and 5.7.1 and there’s a limit to how much time and effort I can dedicate to old versions.

Here’s what the new, fixed, stable, working macro looks like on the inside:

As you can see it’s fairly simple. If you’re still sticking with 5.6.2 you should be able to throw one together from this schematic in a few minutes.

Special thanks to Owen Vallis who came up with the idea of using the mod output of the Modulo module to gate the Div output. So much better than using a silly old step filter. Owen posted his fix in this thread on the Reaktor forums so go thank him there.

I’ve stuck the macro in this demo ensemble:

Click here to download the new clock macro.

Grab the macro labeled “SeqDriver 571” and use it in your own creations. Of course, nobody’s perfect and no fix lasts forever so let me know if you find a bug, a sequencer where it doesn’t work or works erratically, or if you need help wiring it into your own creations.