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Practical Reaktor – Remapping MIDI Controllers

This post was inspired by Twitter user @urbster1 who asked whether Reaktor could remap MIDI CCs (continuous controllers). The answer is an unqualified yes and here’s how:

We have here a simple ensemble with four macros, each of which has “from” and “to” selectors for MIDI controller and channel. If you want to remap more CCs, just clone the macros and arrange them on the front panel.

Each macro contains MIDI channel message in and out modules, plus controls to filter the incoming messages with routers. The type of message is set to 3 for MIDI CC, and if the incoming event matches that, it gets passed to the next router, which tests whether it’s on the correct channel. Finally, a third router lets through only events for the MIDI CC number you have selected.

Similarly, there are controls to select the outgoing MIDI CC number and channel you want to send to. Technical note: the order of events for the Channel Message module is from top to bottom for the incoming module, and from bottom to top for the outgoing module. You’ll need to know this if you want to modify and enhance these structures.

So what is this good for? It’s useful whenever you have a device or plugin that sends inflexibly fixed CCs and you want to send them to another device – which may have different fixed CCs.You can also perform operations on the controller data to invert or scale it, by adding a few simple math modules.

Download your copy here. Questions? Ask away!