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Music Production Tutorials Explores Frame 3

Danny J. Lewis of Music Production Tutorials tried out my free Frame 3 ensemble and liked it so much he made a brief video demonstrating what happens when you explore parameter changes in one of the default snapshots.

What’s interesting here is how deep he goes into the sound… Frame was designed for just this sort of exploration, for deep dives into detailed samples to bring out hidden goodies and details.

More on Frame 3 including download link and tutorial series 

Frame’s big brother Loupe is here

MPT Deep House Synth for Reaktor

Here’s the (almost) free Deep House Synth for Reaktor, from Danny J. Lewis of Music Production Tutorials.

You can get the Deep House Synth almost for free, or rather, for a tweet or a facebook post, which is an interesting use of networking – it makes the phrase “social capital” rather literal.

In this second video, Danny discusses the internal structure of the synth:

Update: if you’re feeling nervous about giving Pay With A Tweet write access to your Twitter or FB timeline, you can always edit your FB or Twitter app settings afterwards to revoke access to your account from this app. Your FB app settings are here. Twitter app settings are here. If you’ve never visited those settings pages before, you might be surprised at what already has write access to your timelines.