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Practical Reaktor

I’ve started tidying and reorganizing the blog, and have added the tag Practical Reaktor to what I think are the most useful posts for builders and aspiring builders. What used to be the Tutorials link in the navbar up top is now labeled Practical Reaktor.

A new Practical Reaktor link for you – David Coffin’s FX tutorial. From the intro:

“This tutorial is for beginners to Reaktor 4 (R) and anyone else who wants to explore getting the most out of the vast number of existing R effects and routing components, without the need to build new effects processors. I’ll be treating R as big box of stomp-box or rack-mounted processors, modulators and routing tools and describing how to patch, configure and control them in ways inspired by the best hardware effects. As you’ll see, doing so in R is very often more flexible and more powerful than anything you could do with hardware. We’ll be using R in standalone mode, but of course, any R effects can also be opened in VST and other plug-in hosts.” 

It’s a Reaktor 4 era document but most if not all of the same techniques apply to version 5, with a few minor differences here and there. It’s a fantastic resource for beginners to get used to stringing things together and making good stuff happen. Check it out.