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Algorithmic Music in Reaktor

It occurs to me that it’s been ages since I posted an actual, you know, Reaktor tutorial around these parts. Which is what this blog was originally created for! So here’s something nice and meaty: a tutorial on basic algorithmic music generation techniques in Reaktor.

What this tutorial and its associated instruments will do is give you a basic feel for how events in Reaktor can be wrangled and manipulated into musically meaningful forms. What it WON’T do is compose your next masterpiece or write a top ten hit:

However, what you might do is take some of these techniques and create instruments that go further towards realizing your musical ambitions. I’ve always thought of Reaktor as a tool that blurs the distinction between instrument and composition. If you think along the same lines then you will find this information useful. Happy building!

Download the tutorial here (PDF and instruments)