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Skinned Paramdrum Now Available for Reaktor 5.15 (non beta)

By popular demand, here is the new skinned ParamDrum with the new sample maps, now saved in Reaktor 5.15 so you can make use of it without upgrading to the beta.

I didn’t manage to export the snaps so I made new ones. I’m particularly fond of the Doctor Dances and Bad Wolf snaps:

The 5.15 version is available here. The same password as before will unlock it. Don’t have a license yet? Get one here:

ParamDrum Add to Cart

Vintage Graphical Skinning Tutorial

The aptly named Jonathan Style creates some of the finest styles in Reaktor skins and GUI elements. In this post at his blog you’ll find a tutorial on creating your own graphics. He has a lot more material at his site so check it out – simply gorgeous graphics.

My own approach to Reaktor GUI design is minimal at best – I like to use the built in tools and maybe work with colors a bit, because my stuff is always in a state of rebuilding and flux. But if you have a finished work, laying a nice skin across it can really change the way you view it and work with it.