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Aiyn Zahev releases free presets for Monark

Super sound designer Aiyn Zahev – you may have heard or bought his presets for Synth Squad, Massive, Synthmaster and a number of other instruments – has released a collection of 100 free presets for Monark.

Get the presets here. It’s pretty amazing, actually – Monark and Aiyn Zahev’s sound design both have a very strong and distinct character, and both characters are coming across here at the same time. It’s like… hot sauce with garlic. You can tell that both elements are there, but they still work great together.

If you want more of his sounds for Reaktor, check out this bank made for Razor.

Tutorial Videos on X0X Style Drums in Reaktor – and more!

Reaktor Tips readers may remember the name Owen Vallis from this post where I discussed his brilliant use of modulo instead of a step filter to shore up Reaktor’s clock functionality for use in sequencers. Owen has been busy crafting a series of Reaktor tutorial videos and uploading them to Vimeo, the latest being a hefty overview of compressors and envelope followers:

Reaktor Tutorial: Building Compressors from FlipMu on Vimeo.

I encourage you to check out everything on their channel, but today I want to highlight Owen’s series on X0X style sound design in Reaktor, starting with kicks:

Reaktor Tutorial: x0x Kicks from FlipMu on Vimeo.

…and moving on to snares:

Reaktor Tutorial: x0x Snares from FlipMu on Vimeo.

…and claps and rim shots:

Reaktor Tutorial: x0x Claps and Rim Shots from FlipMu on Vimeo.

Reaktor can be a technical jungle and it’s easy to get lost in the details of math and programming, so it’s nice to see instructional material that focuses more on the immediacy of sound design and producing practical output. I should do more of that myself. A big thank you to Owen and FlipMu for the great videos.