“I’ve bought Mirage, Loupe and ParamDrum over the last couple of weeks and they’re all great. Could spend hours just throwing things into Loupe and never get bored.” – libertine1989

“Hi Peter – I just wanted to chime in and wholeheartedly recommend your work. Your ensembles are loads of fun and very intuitive to use. I’m really looking forward to having a go on the Konkreet Performer mapped stuff you have developed (I bought Mirage and Paramdrum) when I get some decent time to devote to it. And your prices are outstanding – really good value for some excellent Reaktor ensembles – highly recommended to anyone still sitting on the fence” – Northerner_V1

“I went ahead and bought Peter’s 3 pack of Reaktor ensembles. I am so glad I did. If you like Frame, the Loupe 2 and Mirage ensembles are so easy and useful and creative. I have them both hooked up through Numerology stacks to my Nanokontrol. I feel like I’m Four Tet with these.” – Quinn Hanratty

“The crazy thing is: no matter what kind of sample or one shot i load into [Loupe 2] – you can make a track with it! By far the most inspiring Reaktor ensemble I played with over the last years. Keep up the great work!” – Sven Claar

“Reaktor Tips is like relationship therapy between Reaktor and myself. Peter not only reminds me why I love Reaktor, but that love is not enough and this relationship is something you have to keep working at!” – Tim Webb, http://discchord.com

“Just wanted to say, these creations of yours are utterly awesome. I’ve been trying to build something like Loupe for use with Maschine ever since I first heard about the 1.6 beta…. but I’m more of a hacker than a builder and I kept getting stuck. Thanks so much for these – I spent most of last night playing with them and I’m on my 4th coffee this morning as a result!” – Tom C.

“I can’t tell you how much I love using Loupe. It’s completely changed the way I think of using samples for creating melody.” – Martin Herron

“This is the most awesome piece of musical “gear” I’ve played with in a long time. It was a real blast playing with that last night. The only downside is it generates so much interesting material it will take me hours to comb through it — there are much worse problems to have.” – The Evolutionaries on ParamDrum

“My initial sessions with Loupe 2 lasted over 10 hours (just your presets) and even then I had to force myself to move to other things :D” – Chris R. Gibson, http://loopyc.com/

“I love you. I’m learning so much from you. Thank you for posting up all these tutorials and tips!” – @PLXTX

“BTW your ensembles are stopping me from sleeping at nights!” – @McBuddah