Here are the very latest versions of Loupe, Mirage, ParamDrum and other instruments. I’ve released a lot of versions of ParamDrum, especially!

Loupe 2.0.2related info – updated May 14, 2013

Loupe 1.5.4 – related info

Mirage – related info

ParamDrum 3 Konkreet Edition – related info

Arcturan UltraTheremin for Konkreet Performer (free) – related info

Modded Spacedrone with keyboard control (free) – related info

Simple synth with voice panning (free) – related tutorial

Simple demo of channel message module (free) – related tutorial

Noisepages Sequenced Grain Delay (free) with 5 part tutorial
edit: this appears to be offline at the moment – will re-upload here shortly…

Frame 2 (free) – related info

Live Beat Delay (free) – info and sound demo

Very Simple Grainer (free) – related tutorial 

Basic Clock Demo (free) – tutorial instrument and PDF to learn about events in Reaktor

Update: some people are staying with Reaktor 5.51 for now for compatibility reason (hackintosh, etc.) so here are versions of Loupe and ParamDrum that work with 5.51. Mirage hasn’t been updated since 5.6 so it will still work with 5.51.