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Got a QuNeo

After some hemming and hawing I pulled the trigger on this today – very happy so far! The sliders are much less dodgy than I’d been warned by some people, very usable actually. I’m still fiddling with sensitivity and touch technique. Tip: if you want one of the vertical sliders zeroed, press and release right at the bottom instead of sliding down to that point.

I’ve been experimenting with mapping filter cutoff, the most obvious parameter, to one of the faders and found you can do a nice tremolo effect by rolling your finger back and forth across it. Edit: the finger roll technique works super well to adjust values in general, not just for vibrato. Nice smooth transitions. Set your finger vertically across the vertical sliders, horizontally across the horizontal ones, and roll, roll, roll your way to fitness. Edit 2: one of the cool things about the slider / faders is, the way the LEDs are staggered and use variable brightness gives you a more accurate than expected idea of what values they represent.Sorry for liveblogging – this is exciting!

Will def have to make a more minimal preset, then start bringing in more controllers as they become necessary or desirable, because my goodness does it sends a lot of stuff by default. The editor software is intelligent enough to select and alter a bunch of controls at a time which is nice. And it was easy to change a drum pad preset to use different banks with one of the up and down arrow pairs.

Build quality and overall feel are great. Plus by default it doesn’t have every single light lit up like in the pictures, so it’s easier on the eyes.

Next step is to figure out how to use the rotary controllers to set sample start and loop length in Loupe 2.