Ghost Shift: Multitap Filtered Delay Effect for Reaktor

Heeeeere’s Ghost Shift!

Ghost Shift is a delay effect based on an earlier version of mine called Pumpkin. I’ve reskinned it, added functionality and fine tuned the filter and feedback parameters for easier sound tweaking.

The major thing you have to know about Ghost Shift is that each delay line works as a separate voice in Reaktor. Adding more voices in the instrument parameters…

…is gonna give you more delay taps, and magically, the number of controls in the delay time, pan etc. graphs will auto-adjust to the number of voices / delay taps.

Each voice can have its own delay time as a multiple of 16th notes, separate pan, feedback and filter settings. I’ve included just a handful of presets because the settings are going to be highly dependent on the material you’re running through the instrument. Really sparse input with lots of space can have more delay lines and more filter feedback. A more full audio track, like a drum kit, will benefit from no more than three delay taps, widely panned, and not much feedback. Let experience and experiment be your guide.

Everything’s tool tipped and self explanatory. A saturator can boost the signal as well as keep it from clipping unpleasantly at the output. The one control you will want to have mapped to a controller or mod wheel is the Mixer, so you can crossfade between dry and wet signal. You’ll hear that happening in this Soundcloud demo:

So how do you get this marvelous device? Sadly, I’m going to be an a-hole and ask you to like my Facebook page in exchange for a download link. Ladies and Gentlemen who have previously shown the taste and discretion to have liked this page will also get download access, of course.

Happy sound mangling and spooky summer echoing to all!

Update: if you had trouble unzipping the archive downloaded from FB, try downloading again. It may have been spaces in the filename messing things up. I changed the name of the file and folder, re-zipped and re-uploaded.

Update: once you “like” my stupid facebook page (I swear I’m never doing this kind of promotion again) you can find the download here: